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  FILING SYSTEMS » ATTACHMENTS » Economy Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets
Economy Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets
Item Description

Economy Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets

If you want to view a document without taking it out of the pocket frequently, a lightweight economy pocket may suffice.

Economy Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pocket Options
Item# Description
P45-3-37 9: x 6 Economy self-adhesive
P45-3-41 2.75 x 3.25 Economy self-adhesive
P45-3-60 4.5 x 6 - Opening on 4.5 side
P45-3-62 4.5 x 6 - Opening on 6 sidet
P45-3-355 3.5 x 5 Economy self-adhesive
P45-INST Installation charge*
* to apply self-adhesive vinyl pockets to chart of your choice

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