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InHealth's TABŪ Match
Item Description

InHealth’s TABŪ Match

Completely compatible with TABŪ Products labels, these high-quality, self-adhesive labels are printed on durable vinyl material to prevent smudging and cracking.

Click here to see individual labels.

TABŪ Match Packs
Item# Description
5410 Series Packs of 225 labels
5420 Series Sheets of 500 labels
5430 Series Rolls of 500 labels

Starter Kits
Item# Description
5410DX Set of 2898 labels with box and indexes
5420DX Set of 3100 labels with binder and indexes
5430DX Set of 13,500 labels; 1 roll ea; A-Z*
*5000BX Deluxe Roll Dispenser sold separately.

Individual Labels
Letter PACKS
OF 225
OF 500
OF 500
A 5410A 5420A 5430A
B 5410B 5420B 5430B
C 5410C 5420C 5430C
D 5410D 5420D 5430D
E 5410E 5420E 5430E
F 5410F 5420F 5430F
G 5410G 5420G 5430G
H 5410H 5420H 5430H
I 5410I 5420I 5430I
J 5410J 5420J 5430J
K 5410K 5420K 5430K
L 5410L 5420L 5430L
M 5410M 5420M 5430M
MC 5410MC 5420MC 5430MC
N 5410N 5420N 5430N
O 5410O 5420O 5430O
P 5410P 5420P 5430P
Q 5410Q 5420Q 5430Q
R 5410R 5420R 5430R
S 5410S 5420S 5430S
T 5410T 5420T 5430T
U 5410U 5420U 5430U
V 5410V 5420V 5430V
W 5410W 5420W 5430W
X 5410X 5420X 5430X
Y 5410Y 5420Y 5430Y
Z 5410Z 5420Z 5430Z

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