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  CHARTING SYSTEMS » FILEBACKS » Tumble-Style Filebacks
Tumble-Style Filebacks
Item Description

Tumble-Style Filebacks

Eliminate the need to remove and return paperwork to the patient chart when adding new documents. Filebacks equipped with document fasteners save significant staff time and eliminate the risk associated with removing documents from a patient’s history.

Standard features include: 110 lb manila paper, triple-folding score for greater expansion/flexibility, 1/2” tab depth, tabs mylar-reinforced. Order individually, as a complete set, or mix and match!

Stock Tumble-style Fileback Options
Item# Description
1164-1 Tumble - Pos 1 - Yellow History/Physical
1164-2 Tumble - Pos 2 - Green Medication/Progress
1164-3 Tumble - Pos 3 - Orange Lab
1164-4 Tumble - Pos 4 - Blue X-ray/EKG
1164-5 Tumble - Pos 5 - Red Insurance/Correspondence
1164-6 Tumble - Pos 6 - Lavender Hospital/Consult
4102B 2-inch bonded fasteners

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