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  CHARTING SYSTEMS » INDEXES » 1180 Series - Standard Ophthalmology Indexes - Bottom Tab
1180 Series - Standard Ophthalmology Indexes - Bottom Tab
Item Description

1180 Series - Standard Ophthalmology Indexes - Bottom Tab

Consistency saves everyone’s time! Physician time in locating/referencing documentation, medical staff time locating specific documentation within the medical record, and office staff time adding/updating documentation in the medical record.

Order individually, as a complete set or mix and match! Standard features include: 90 lb. white paper, 2-hole-punched top, 1/2-inch tab depth, tabs mylar-reinforced, tabs printed both sides.

Product Options

Item# Description Color
1180-1 Patient History Lt. Green
1180-2 Other Red
1180-3 Correspondence Purple
1180-4 Billing/Insurance Pink
1180-5 Insurance Claim Forms Lt. Amber
1180-6 Hospital & Consults Md. Blue
1180-7 Visual Fields Gray
1180-8 Stereo Photos Md. Green
1180-9 Angiograms Lt. Blue

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